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Afghanistan’s pain and suffering showcased at photographic exhibition in Berlin

A photo exhibition titled Freedom of Speech for Afghanistan was held in Berlin, Germany, on Sunday to highlight the challenges and resilience of freedom of expression in Afghanistan.

The exhibition organized by Ahmad Shah Azimi, a photojournalist from Afghanistan, was aimed at conveying the pain and suffering of the people of Afghanistan while emphasizing the importance of preserving freedom of expression.

The exhibition featured dozens of images captured by Azimi and other photographers from Afghanistan.

This is Azimi, a photojournalist and member of the leadership of the Afghanistan Journalists Support Organization’s (AJSO), third exhibition in Europe.

He said that each photograph should carry a powerful message about the situation in Afghanistan and the struggle for freedom of expression.

By showcasing these images, Azimi seeks to raise awareness among both the people in Afghanistan and the international community.

“My goal for holding the third round of this exhibition is to narrate the pain and suffering of the people of Afghanistan and to keep the flag of freedom of speech aloft in order to convey [the message] to the people around the world,” Azimi said.

Visitors to the exhibition, including Ghulam Ghafoor Liwal, Afghanistan’s former ambassador to Iran, and Khoshaal Asifi, an exiled journalist, have commended the exhibition for conveying profound and meaningful messages about the situation in Afghanistan.

“Each photo should have special messages about the situation, and I noticed such a message in many of these photos,” Liwal said.

Azimi has a decade of experience as a journalist and photojournalist, working with domestic and international media outlets.