Afghanistan: Baghlan floods vctims laid to rest

The bodies of flood victims in northern Baghlan province were laid to rest for the second consecutive day on Sunday.

Taliban reported 315 fatalities and 1,630 injuries from the recent disaster, while earlier, the UN’s food agency also estimated fatalities to exceed 300.

During his visit to Baghlan to meet with victims, Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, urged aid organizations and traders to assist the affected individuals. Meanwhile, residents, still reeling from the shock of the tragedy, retrieved and buried dozens of bodies.

“The wounds inflicted by the dark clouds amid horrific flooding have not yet healed for the people of the area, many of whom are mourning their losses,” a resident said. Another added, “The flood came from the trembling mountain, sweeping away houses and claiming the lives of 13 women and children. Since Friday, the floods have brought rocks, blocked roads, and rendered our land unusable for cultivation.”

While the World Food Programme reported 300 deaths, the Taliban-run Ministry for Refugees announced on Sunday that floods in Burka and Baghlan Markazi districts have resulted in 315 deaths and 1,630 injuries. Official figures also indicate thousands of livestock perished and around 2,655 houses were either destroyed or damaged.

Despite high criticism of their response, the Taliban’s Deputy PM vowed to stand with the flood-affected people “until their conditions become normal.” The floods have left several villages in Baghlan engulfed in deep sorrow and tragedy.