Exhibition opens in Kabul during industrial week

Taliban-run Ministry of Industry and Commerce announced that entrepreneurs and traders have showcased their products in 800 stalls at an exhibition marking Industrial Week in Kabul.

At the opening ceremony, Abdul Salam Hanafi, Taliban’s deputy chief minister, described industrial growth as crucial to the country’s economy. The exhibition has also seen participation from female entrepreneurs.

An official from the Chamber of Industries and Mines of Afghanistan criticized the lack of facilities in distributing land to industrial owners for investment. Entrepreneurs and industrial owners from various provinces displayed their products in the food, construction, and healthcare sectors for marketing purposes.

During the event, Shirbaz Kaminzada, head of Afghanistan’s Chamber of Industries and Mines, highlighted the absence of land allocation as a serious challenge to the industry, noting that this issue has not received sufficient attention. “What can we do with money? We are forced to transfer it to other countries and invest there. You know that in our neighboring countries, land is free for investors. It’s true that land is not given for free for residential purposes, but for factories, land is free all over the world because a factory is a national asset,” he said.

Iranian entrepreneurs also participated, displaying their products in 15 stalls.

The Taliban Ministry of Industry and Commerce emphasized the need for more investment in Afghanistan. The National and International Industrial Week Exhibition, featuring female entrepreneurs from various provinces, will be open to the public for seven days.