Export of Kandahar grapes to Pakistan commences despite border challenges

The export of grapes from Kandahar to Pakistan has commenced, marking an important milestone for Kandahari businessmen.

Approximately 400 tons of grapes are being exported daily, boosting hopes of increased profits. However, businessmen have raised concerns about the challenges faced at the Spin Boldak border crossing.

In the heart of Jiri district, Kandahar, numerous vineyards are bustling with activity as grapes are meticulously packed for transport to Pakistan. Ghadratullah Baghdar, one of the grape growers, spoke about efforts made to ensure proper packaging and processing to minimize wastage during transportation.

Nevertheless, the major hurdle for grape merchants lies at the Spin Boldak border crossing, where export convoys experience significant delays. Saadullah Bazargan Angoor, a merchant, expressed frustration over workers being held up at customs.

Bismillah, another merchant, highlighted the challenge of potential damage to the grapes when truck freezers are opened, allowing warm air to enter.

These challenges pose a serious threat to the export process, prompting calls for solutions. Haji Nani, the head of the fresh fruits commission in Kandahar, expressed optimism that the issue could be resolved through cooperation and dialogue with the customs office.

Last year, Kandahar successfully exported 250,000 tons of fresh fruits, including a significant volume of grapes. With the current year yielding a better harvest, merchants and growers anticipate surpassing last year’s export figures, provided the border challenges are effectively addressed.