Afghanistan’s transit goods move through Tehran toward Turkey

The Iranian Railway Authority announced that Afghanistan’s commercial shipments aiming for Turkey have passed through Tehran and are heading toward the Razi border in northwest Iran.

Despite the lack of necessary permits from the Afghan Rail Development Consortium, these shipments are moving toward the Iran-Turkey border, Iranian media reported.

These shipments consist of 10 wagons, and the Iranian Railway Authority has stated it is ready to transport a second train of Afghan export goods to Turkey.

Iranian state media reported that the Afghan Rail Development Consortium sent some of these wagons loaded with commercial cargo to the Shamtiq border without completing the legal procedures, including obtaining customs and border crossing permits from the relevant Iranian authorities. These wagons were then abandoned at the border.

The first part of these Afghan commercial shipments destined for Turkey reportedly moved toward the Razi border in northwest Iran on Thursday, April 13.

The Iranian Railway Authority has stated that subsequent shipments will be transferred after obtaining the necessary permits from relevant authorities, including border and customs officials.

This development comes weeks after Afghanistan’s commercial shipments bound for Turkey were stalled at the Shamtiq border in Iran due to the lack of necessary transit permits through the country.