Companies from Afghanistan, Turkmenistan sign over 10 contracts

At least 10 contracts and two memoranda of understanding have been signed between companies from Afghanistan and Turkmenistan, according to the Taliban’s Commerce Ministry.

In a press release issued Monday, the ministry stated that the contracts were finalized between traders in Herat, covering sectors such as construction materials—including steel bars, repair paints, marble—and food products.

The Taliban’s Minister of Industry and Commerce, Nouruddin Azizi, also met with Atageldi, the head of the Union of Traders and Industrialists of Turkmenistan, encouraging further investment in Afghanistan.

Earlier, the Ministry announced the creation of a joint logistics center at the port of Torghundi and a trilateral transit agreement involving Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan.

In related developments, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Uzbekistan signed export contracts worth $44 million with Afghan traders on Tuesday, April 30.

These agreements come as Afghanistan faces severe economic challenges and rising unemployment over the past two and a half years under Taliban governance.

The World Food Program has reported that one-third of the country’s population is facing hunger.