Taliban releases journalist after 48 days in detention

Taliban has released Ramin Amiri, editor-in-chief of Sulh TV channel in Herat, after he spent 48 days in prison.

His release was secured on the basis of a guarantee bill, according to the Afghanistan Journalist Center (AFJC).

Amiri was detained on March 21 by Taliban intelligence on a charge related to a financial issue, the AFJC stated. The case has now been sent to court.

Jawad Amin, head of the Taliban’s intelligence for media, announced Amiri’s release during a meeting with journalists at the Herat Information and Culture Department of the Taliban on Wednesday. However, Amin did not provide further details about the case.

Over the past year, the Taliban have detained and reportedly tortured dozens of journalists, in addition to imposing severe restrictions on the media in Afghanistan.