Female entrepreneurs showcase their products at Herat expo

A group of 80 women, mostly students banned from getting an education in the country, took part in an expo in the city of Herat this week to promote their products.

The female students, who are being deprived of an education, said they have decided to start up small businesses in the hope of still succeeding, despite being banned from getting an education.

“I started my business after the closure of schools,” said Rahil, a student.

“At least 30 women are working in our company. I was a medical student,” said Tuba, another student.

The women’s chamber of investment in the western zone said that many former students have started up businesses, and many attended vocational training programs in order to move forward in their lives.

“A big number of students are working in workshops or have started their own businesses,” said Adiba Waziri, chairperson of the women’s chamber of commerce in the west zone.

“It gives a positive message that women are working under such circumstances,” said Ilaha, a Herat resident.

Secondary schools were closed to girls more than 20 months ago while universities closed for women in December 2022.