German Foreign Office condemns ‘unauthorized presence’ of Taliban representative

The German Foreign Office issued a statement on X, condemning the “unsanctioned appearance” of Taliban representative Abdul Bari Omar in Cologne, Germany.

“No visa was issued by one of our visa offices for the personal data we have. We are examining further measures in close cooperation with internal authorities and partners,” the office said in the statement.

The office clarified that the trip was not announced to them.

“We do not recognize the Taliban. As long as the Taliban in Afghanistan blatantly trample on human rights, especially the rights of women and girls, there will be no normalization with the Taliban regime,” emphasized the statement.

The incident unfolded as a photo of Netherlands’ Minister of Health, Welfare, and Sport with Abdul Bari Omar circulated on social media, prompting strong reactions from Afghans worldwide.

Abdul Bari Omar, present in Germany as a Taliban representative, participated in a meeting with Afghan migrants in Cologne.