Taliban arrests activist Parisa Azada amid growing concerns for detained advocates

Parisa Azada, a member of the Afghanistan Women’s Movement for Justice and Freedom, has been arrested by the Taliban in Kabul, her colleagues confirmed on Thursday.

Shamayil Naseri, the chairperson of the Afghanistan Women’s Movement for Justice and Freedom, revealed that Azada was apprehended by Taliban intelligence on Tuesday. However, the family was notified of her arrest only on Thursday morning, with no information provided about her current location.

For the past two years, Azada had been vocal in her pursuit of justice against the Taliban’s restrictions on women, according to several protesting women.

This incident adds to a growing list of detained activists, including Zholia Parsi and her son Neda Parwani, an activist accompanied by his four-year-old child, and women’s rights activist Manizha Sediqi. Rasul Parsi, a university lecturer, has also been in Taliban custody for the past few weeks and months.

The detention of Parisa Azada intensifies concerns about the safety and well-being of individuals advocating for women’s rights in Afghanistan.