Pakistan plans to open new crossings for expedited expulsion of Afghan migrants

The government of Pakistan is planning to open three new crossings to streamline the return process of undocumented immigrants from Afghanistan, Pakistani media reported on Monday.

According to Pakistani media reports, discussions on this matter have taken place between the Pakistani government and the Taliban.

Despite facing challenges, the Pakistani government remains firm in its decision to deport undocumented immigrants. The spokesperson for Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior emphasized that the country considers such immigrants a security threat. The spokesperson further emphasized that if not repatriated, the demographic landscape of the nation could undergo significant changes by 2040.

Pakistani officials have proposed opening a border crossing in the Badini Shinband area and two additional crossings in Barabcha and Noor Wahab areas in the Chaghai district of Balochistan province. A Pakistani official quoted by the media stated, “The Afghan government has officially been informed of the opening of three new crossings through which migrants will return to their country from Monday.”

As of now, the Taliban has not issued any statements regarding the opening of these new crossings.

Some returning migrants expressed the difficulties they face, particularly in the cold season. Faiz Mohammad, an Afghan immigrant working in Islamabad, voiced concerns about the potential return, fearing for his family’s safety and his daughters’ education.

Afghan immigrants in Pakistan continue to live in fear of arrest and deportation by Pakistani authorities. Lida Sayedkhil, an Afghan migrant, shared, “Yesterday, we were informed that the police has started a door-to-door operation, and they are arresting those who do not have visas. We, who do not have legal visas, live in fear and trembling lest the police come to our homes and arrest us and take us away again. Do not deport us, Pakistan.”

According to Pakistani government’s statistics, 3,043 people were deported from the country in the last 24 hours. The Minister of Information of the Sindh province of Pakistan cited an increase in terrorist activities as the reason for accelerating the process of arresting and deporting undocumented immigrants in the province.