Herat earthquake: Over 90% of victims are women and children, UNICEF reports

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) disclosed on Sunday that women and children constitute more than 90 percent of the victims of the Herat earthquake.

UNICEF expressed deep concern about the well-being of children in the earthquake-affected areas as the cold season draws near.

The organization issued an urgent call for $20 million in funding to assist 200,000 individuals, including 96,000 children, in the regions impacted by the earthquake in Herat.

Simultaneously, the World Health Organization has highlighted that damage to 21 health centers in the wake of the Herat earthquake has disrupted healthcare services for over half a million people.

As the cold season approaches, and tents serve as the sole refuge for Herat earthquake victims, individuals are speaking out about their numerous challenges and expressing worry about their uncertain future in these temporary shelters.

“We have many problems. If the benevolent God helps, perhaps one of these issues will be resolved. I am an elderly woman and the sole provider for nine people,” shared Khadija, a resident of Herat.

“The young people of my generation and the school-going children are all filled with fear,” said Seyed Ahmed, another Herat resident.

In response to the plight of those affected by the natural disaster in Herat, UNICEF has called upon the world for $20 million in funding to aid 200,000 individuals, notably 96,000 children, in the earthquake-affected regions. A primary focus is on providing healthcare services for children and women.

Walid Paiman, a journalist, pointed out that concerns about ensuring aid reaches those in need have led many countries to carefully consider how they can assist Afghanistan and the earthquake victims.

The World Health Organization’s data indicates that the Herat earthquakes have resulted in damage to at least 21 health service centers, affecting aid delivery to more than 500,000 people. Nevertheless, the organization reports that health assistance has reached over 21,000 individuals in six districts of Herat.