Kabul businesswoman opens female-only restaurant

A women’s-only restaurant has been opened in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, amid increasing restrictions imposed by the Taliban on women and girls in the country.

The “Afghan Women’s Restaurant” has emerged as a beacon of hope for women facing hardships and limitations under Taliban rule and the owner of the establishment hopes to expand and open branches in other provinces.

With the Taliban imposing restrictions on women’s access to parks and gardens, this small restaurant has become a significant space for women in Kabul. Samira Mohammadi, the owner of the restaurant, explained that the restaurant’s customers are satisfied because “other restaurants typically have male staff, and public places like parks are closed to women.”

The restaurant is staffed by five women who have been deprived of further education and are now working there to earn a living.

They prepare traditional dishes for their customers and support their families financially through this endeavor.

 “As a girl of Afghanistan, I support all women. I am ready to be their first customer regardless of everything,” said Sahar Akbari, a resident of Kabul.

However, the owner of the restaurant also raised her concerns that  the Taliban might close the business down.

 “Afghan women have been subjected to the worst and most severe deprivations by the Taliban,” said Mawloda Tawana, a women’s rights activist.

Despite the challenges and concerns, the women running the restaurant remain determined to be a source of light amid the darkness and serve as a beacon of hope for other women in Afghanistan.