Residents demand thorough implementation of polio vaccination campaign in Nangarhar

Nangarhar residents voiced their dissatisfaction on Saturday due to the delayed commencement of the polio vaccination campaign in the province, where five cases of the viral disease have already been reported this year.

Despite the high number of polio cases, the vaccination campaign in the province has been postponed, according to the residents. They are now urging for the campaign to be implemented in all districts and villages of Nangarhar.

Gul Ahmad, a resident of Nangarhar, expressed optimism about the campaign’s resumption in the east. “Considering the reported cases, we expect this campaign to be conducted thoroughly this time,” he said.

Ibham, another resident of Nangarhar, added, “While the campaign is a good initiative, it must be effectively implemented to ensure the protection of our children.”

Polio vaccination campaigners in Nangarhar. Jan. 2023.

Health officials in Nangarhar said that at least 800,000 children under the age of five will be vaccinated as part of the polio vaccination campaign in the eastern region of the country.

“The campaign began on July 8 in the eastern provinces, and we will ensure its coverage in all districts of Nangarhar,” stated Hukum Khan Golabzoi, the general manager of the Katlawi exemption department in Nangarhar.

Five positive cases of poliovirus have been reported in Bati Kot, Kot, Nazian, Behsud, and Dor Baba this year.

Residents of Nangarhar argue that the polio vaccination campaign is inadequately implemented in the province’s villages.