Women in Herat’s rural areas in desperate need of health care facilities

Women residing in rural areas of western Herat province of Afghanistan are facing obstacles as they struggle with the absence of essential healthcare services in remote districts.

Hindered by the lack of access to primary healthcare facilities and an acute shortage of female doctors, these women find themselves compelled to undertake difficult journeys to city centers or, in some cases, avoid seeking medical care overall.

Herat public health department officials meanwhile said that a significant portion of the population in remote areas and mountainous regions, approximately 15 percent, is deprived of proper healthcare services.

In response to the pressing healthcare needs, the Taliban’s public health officials in Herat have taken steps to address the issue. According to the officials, as many as 48 mobile health teams are currently operating in remote and hard-to-reach locations.

This comes as a representative from the World Health Organization (WHO) had previously disclosed that around 10 million people in Afghanistan reside in areas completely devoid of healthcare services.

The collapse of the healthcare system following the Taliban’s takeover has led to the closure of hundreds of health centers, leaving millions without access to essential medical care.