Blast targets checkpoint near foreign ministry in Kabul; at least six civilians killed

An explosion happened near a checkpoint on the road leading to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in downtown Kabul on Monday afternoon, two sources confirmed, adding that it was a suicide bombing.

Sources said the blast happened when some employees of two ministries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Information and Culture, were leaving their offices.

The Emergency NGO in Kabul says in a tweet that 12 wounded patients, including a child, were brought to the hospital after the blast near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and two other victims are already dead.

Khalid Zadran, a spokesman for the Taliban’s police command in Kabul, said that at least six civilians were killed and many others, including three members of the Taliban, were wounded in the explosion.

He said the suicide bomber was recognized by Taliban members and was “gunned down” before reaching his target.

Two employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs were among those killed in the explosion.

The blast comes after a deadly bombing near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in January killed dozens of employees of the ministry and wounded many others.