Investments hardly hit by political changes: Investors

The city of Kabul, July 2021.

A year after the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, many industries and investments have been hardly affected due to a lack of support from the ruling group and an evident absence of the international community’s support.

Investors said the situation is challenging and that in some instances, one to three factories are closed a day.

“The market has dropped. Electricity bills have increased. The prices of raw materials have soared. And there is a continued scarcity of electricity,” said a factory owner.

“At least 4,000 factories are operating in small, medium, and big investments, and we can afford the needs of the local markets through our products,” said Abdul Jabbar Safi, head of the industry owners’ union.

Experts predict that unemployment will increase, goods prices will soar and investments will further be affected if the situation prevails.

“If the situation continues, investment, trade, production, and other services will be disrupted and a big damage will be inflicted on the private sector,” said Shakir Yaqubi, an analyst in economic affairs.

Many industries and investments were vastly supported by projects funded by the international community under the previous government, but the support is none right now.

Taliban said it is committed to supporting the investors and providing them with a safe environment for their businesses. But investors who spoke to Amu said that they were not getting the required support from the ruling Taliban.