Over 2,000 deported to Afghanistan from Pakistan, Iran

Migrants returning from Pakistan. File photo.

Over 2,000 Afghan migrants were expelled from Pakistan and Iran on Monday, July 8, according to Taliban-run refugees ministry.

The ministry reported that a total of 2,180 Afghan migrants were forcibly or voluntarily repatriated from Iran and Pakistan on Monday.

Of these, 590 were expelled from Pakistan and 1,560 from Iran, the ministry said.

The statement detailed that these migrants entered Afghanistan through border crossings in the provinces of Nimroz, Kandahar, and Nangarhar.

Specifically, 480 refugees entered via the Torkham crossing and 110 via the Spin Boldak route. Additionally, 1,560 refugees crossed through the Silk Bridge border in Nimroz.

This recent wave of expulsions follows the forced or voluntary repatriation of over 16,000 Afghan refugees by Iran and Pakistan over the previous five days.