Uzbekistan to re-test Afghan soda banned in Kyrgyzstan

TASHKENT — Uzbekistan’s Sanitary and Epidemiological Committee of Uzbekistan announced that it will re-test a carbonated pomegranate drink, imported from Afghanistan, following its ban in Kyrgyzstan over health concerns, Uzbek media reported on Monday.

According to Uzbek media reports, the drink was prohibited in Kyrgyzstan after authorities detected the presence of a dye that could negatively impact children’s health.

The Uzbek Committee for Sanitary and Epidemiological Welfare reported that the soda had previously been tested and no toxic or harmful substances were found.

Additionally, there have been no complaints from consumers about the product to date, the report said.

Kyrgyzstan began confiscating the pomegranate drink, known there as “Golden Life” but sold under the brand name Royal in Uzbekistan, on July 3.

The ban was due to the presence of the dye azorubin (E 122), which is known to potentially affect children’s activity and attention, according to Uzbek media reports.

The company has not commented on the matter so far.