Female entrepreneurs in Samangan seek support from aid agencies

SAMANGAN, Afghanistan — Female entrepreneurs in Samangan called on aid organizations to support their ventures, citing numerous challenges and low domestic demand for their products.

Hawa Karimi, who runs the Gulshan workshop, expressed frustration over the declining market for her factory’s products, which include embroidery, bag-making, and leather goods.

The workshop has provided job opportunities for several women and girls who have been deprived of education due to the Taliban’s oppressive policies.

“Those who work for me are the breadwinners of their families. Our economic condition is weak, and we cannot expand our workshop,” Karimi said.

Many girls have been trained in embroidery, sewing bags, and creating other leather products at the workshop.

“I could not continue my education, so I came here to learn sewing so that I can have a job in the future,” said Waheeda, a student at the workshop.

The lack of access to a proper market has posed significant challenges for both the girls and the workshop owner, making it difficult to sustain and grow their business.