Kunduz residents struggle to find jobs

KUNDUZ, Afghanistan — Residents of Kunduz have voiced concerns over the rising unemployment in the province, saying they spend their days searching for work on the streets, often to no avail.

Many young graduates report that the lack of job opportunities is forcing them to consider leaving the country.

Unemployment has become a pervasive challenge, affecting not only the residents of Kunduz but the entire nation.

“I go out every day looking for work, but there’s nothing. I return home empty-handed. Everyone is unemployed,” said Ahmad Jawad, a resident of Kunduz.

Sher Mohammad, another resident, echoed this sentiment: “Some days there’s work, other days there’s none. Everyone is struggling. If there were jobs, why would people go to Iran or other countries?”

Many locals report coming home empty-handed most days, unable to find work.

“My job is painting, but there’s no work. In a week, we don’t even get a day’s work,” said Abdul Samad, a Kunduz resident.

The United Nations has stated that over 80 percent of Afghan citizens are in need of assistance. Recently, the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) warned that humanitarian aid programs in Afghanistan are facing severe funding shortages.