Over 2,000 undocumented Afghan migrants repatriated in past 24 hours

Pakistan has sustained its deportation of undocumented Afghan migrants for the twentieth consecutive day. According to Pakistani media reports, 2,062 Afghans were deported on Nov. 19, slightly fewer than the 2,900 individuals who returned on November 18.

The repatriation involves individuals sent back to Afghanistan through the Torkham and Spin Boldak border towns.

On November 18, over 2,900 undocumented Afghan migrants were deported.

Among the returning citizens on November 19, there were 591 men, 439 women, and 1,028 children, showcasing the diverse demographics of the repatriating population.

The total number of migrants repatriated to Afghanistan stands at 237,883 individuals, as reported by Pakistani media.

According to a new report from the World Health Organization, from September 15 to November 11, a total of 327,400 returnees have crossed the border. Torkham, located in Nangarhar Province, witnessed 233,700 arrivals, while Spin Boldak in Kandahar Province received 93,700. Notably, the majority of these returnees consist of women and children.