Angelina Jolie denounces Pakistan’s deportation of Afghan migrants as a ‘global backslide in human Rights’

Hollywood star Angelina Jolie has voiced strong criticism against Pakistan for the expulsion of Afghan migrants, labeling it “an example of backsliding in human rights globally” in a statement.

In a post on Instagram, Jolie acknowledged Pakistan’s historical support for Afghan refugee families but expressed her disappointment at the abrupt deportation of refugees facing dire conditions in today’s Afghanistan. The country is grappling with the retraction of women’s rights, a lack of educational opportunities, widespread imprisonment, and a deepening humanitarian crisis.

“This is yet another example of the backsliding in human rights globally and is a new tragedy in the long history of the suffering of Afghan people, who have endured decades of war, conflict, and displacement,” Jolie asserted.

According to reports, at least 300,000 Afghan migrants have been expelled from Pakistan, with thousands more returning daily. Jolie’s comments highlight the ongoing challenges faced by Afghan people and underscore the urgency of addressing the humanitarian crisis in the region.