Daesh claims responsibility for Kabul boxing club explosion

Daesh asserted responsibility for an explosion that occurred at a boxing club in western Kabul on Thursday, Oct. 26, claiming to have caused casualties amounting to at least 35 individuals.

The explosion took place within a boxing club situated on the third floor of a market in the Pul-e-Khoshk area, specifically within Dasht-e-Barchi, a region located in District 18 of western Kabul.

This incident unfolded on a Thursday evening when a significant number of athletes were engaged in boxing training.

The group has claimed responsibility for many attacks, mainly on Shia communities in various parts of Afghanistan, over the past two years after the Taliban takeover in August 2021.

Lately, an explosion happened at a mosque in Baghlan province in the north of Afghanistan, claiming the lives of at least 19 people, according to sources.

Thursday’s blast in Kabul claimed the lives of at least seven people as confirmed by sources. Taliban put casualties at four.