Afghanistan exports at least 5,000 tons of agricultural products to Iran

Iranian officials said on Tuesday that the country has exported more than 35,000 tons of agricultural products to Afghanistan during the first six months of the current solar year, while Afghanistan has sent at least 5,000 tons of agricultural products to Iran during the same period.

The agricultural products were transported to Afghanistan through the Dorgharon border town located in Nimroz province, Western Afghanistan.

Javad Atzadi, the agriculture director of Taybad county, reported that during this period, a minimum of 5,000 tons of agricultural products were imported from Afghanistan into Iran via the border town.

“At the forefront of our exports to Afghanistan are apples, oranges, and kiwi, while imports from Afghanistan primarily consist of raisins, sesame, and mung beans,” he stated.

He further revealed that a total of 11,168 tons of agricultural cargo originating from Afghanistan were transited through Iran to other countries within this six-month timeframe.

“The primary transit products from Afghanistan include apricot leaves, sesame, and mung beans, which were subsequently sent to Iraq, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey,” he said.

Additionally, shipments originating from the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, and Russia were transported to Afghanistan through Iran via the Dogharon border. Most of these shipments included dry fruits, wheat flour, and soybean meal, as reported by Iranian media.

The entire process of exporting, importing, and transiting agricultural goods is conducted under the oversight of the Plant Quarantine Center at the Dogharon border. In accordance with the law, this center is responsible for issuing health certificates and conducting inspections of the goods, Iranian media reported.