Afghanistan: 5 Jawzjan hospital workers, including doctors, contract Congo fever

Health authorities in the northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan have reported two fatalities and five cases of Congo fever, also known as Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever, among healthcare workers.

The outbreak began when a patient, who worked as a butcher in the Khumab district, visited the provincial hospital for treatment two weeks ago, subsequently infecting medical staff.

Zabihullah Hussaini, the acting head of the Jawzjan public health directorate, said that two doctors and four staff members of the provincial hospital contracted the highly infectious disease through contact with the infected individual.

According to him, one of the doctors from the anesthesiology department and the infected person lost their life, while the remaining five individuals continue to battle the illness.

Hussaini added that efforts are underway to prevent further spread of the disease and to provide necessary treatment to those affected.

Health officials, meanwhile, stated that the personnel from the 1st Brigade of the Taliban and public health employees have donated blood to aid patients.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also provided specialized kits to assist in the management of the outbreak.

Jamaluddin Noori, head of the infectious diseases section of Jawzjan provincial hospital, said that the patients infected with Congo fever are currently in quarantine at the hospital and are receiving specialized care.

Noori also stressed the importance of raising public awareness about Congo fever through media outlets and mosque sermons to prevent further spread.

Abdul Aziz, a staff member at the hospital who contracted Congo fever, described his experience of intense pain since being infected. However, with the dedicated efforts of healthcare professionals and strict quarantine measures, his condition has shown signs of improvement.

Congo fever is a dangerous and contagious illness transmitted to humans through ticks found on animals.