Kabul doctor dies after being tortured in Taliban custody

A well known doctor, and the brother of the former head of Kabul’s public health directorate, died in Taliban custody three days after his arrest, sources from the Taliban confirmed.

Khalid Nasir, who was also a university lecturer, was arrested on Sunday at his house in Kabul. On Wednesday, his body was sent to his family.

The deceased’s brother, Khushal Nabizada, who is the former head of the Kabul public health directorate but who now lives abroad, said his brother, Khalid Nasir, was helping the people as a doctor but the “Taliban arrested him and killed him.”

Taliban spokesman Bilal Karimi did not respond to Amu’s message on the matter, but sources among the Taliban said that the group arrested the doctor and that he died while being tortured.

Nasir’s family said that he will be laid to rest in Kabul on Thursday.

In an incident three weeks ago, Taliban arrested Mohammad Askar, a resident of Sanjcharak district in northern province of Sar-e-Pul, on charges of links with the resistance front. His body was sent to his family later the same day.

His relatives told Amu that Askar was tortured and killed by the Taliban.

“He was taken from his home three weeks ago and was martyred while being tortured at around 9pm at night,” said one of his relatives.

His relatives said that Askar did not have any links with the resistance front and that he was a farmer.

His relatives said that before Askar’s arrest, Taliban detained four people from the area named Esmat, Khudadad, Hisam Khan and Wali Mohammad, and all died in similar circumstances.

Prior to that, a school principal was arrested by Taliban intelligence forces in Tala wa Barfak district in the northern province of Baghlan and also died in Taliban custody. A video seen by Amu showed signs of torture on his body.

Taliban is accused of dozens of extrajudicial killings of former government officials, civilians and former security force members as per research findings by the UN and other international organizations. The group has rejected such reports.