Taliban burns over 889 million Afghanis in worn-out currency

KABUL, Afghanistan — The Taliban-run central bank announced on Wednesday that it has burned more than 889 million Afghanis in worn-out currency.

According to a statement from the bank, a total of 889,920,000 Afghanis ($12.4 million) were collected and subsequently incinerated in the central zone.

The bank stated that the destruction of the worn-out currency was carried out in the presence of representatives from the Taliban-run Ministries of Justice and Finance.

This comes amid criticism from citizens regarding the excessive circulation of old banknotes in the country’s markets.

Critics argue that the Taliban is distributing newly printed money primarily among its affiliates rather than releasing it into the general economy.

Some citizens claim that Taliban has verbally instructed private banks to limit the distribution of new currency to the general public and prioritize their own employees and affiliated institutions.