Taliban bans roving money changers in Kabul forex market

KABUL — Taliban has banned roving money changers from operating in the Shahzada Forex Market in Kabul, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The decision has left over 2,000 people without daily wages, sources added.

The sources said that a joint notice from the Taliban intelligence services, the Taliban-run Ministry of Interior, the Taliban-run Central Bank and the Shahzada Market Money Changers Union confirmed the ban, although no specific details or reasons were provided.

The notice letter is dated July 8.

More than 2,000 roving money changers work in Sarai Shahzada, according to the sources. The notice has led to the closure of the currency exchange market and its associated stalls outside the market.

The new decision has also affected a group of roving money changers who had already been issued licenses, sources said.

Roving money changers in Kabul say that since the Taliban’s return to power, their only means of earning a living has been through street vending.

They asserted that the Taliban’s restrictions have significantly limited their opportunities to make a living, leaving them with no other way to support their families.