Kandahar residents struggle with joblessness

Residents of Kandahar express concern over the lack of employment opportunities and the Taliban’s inattention, stating that widespread unemployment and deepening poverty threaten their lives and families.

Some workers in Kandahar’s streets say they have been jobless for months, with no assistance from the Taliban.

Kandahar, the stronghold of Taliban leader Hibatullah Akhundzada, is suffering from intense poverty and unemployment, according to its residents.

Many workers spend hours in the city center hoping to find work. Some say they have not been hired for months.

“We wait for days for work, but there is none. My family has seven members, and I don’t know how to provide for them,” said Gulalai, a Kandahar resident.

Sayed Mohammad, another resident, said, “I’ve been looking for work for two months, but haven’t found anything. We need help with our situation.”

Noorullah, also from Kandahar, added, “Thousands are waiting in the streets for work, but there is no hope.”

Local Taliban officials in Kandahar claim they are working to address unemployment. Mohammad Yousuf Mohammad, head of labor and social affairs under the Taliban administration in Kandahar, said, “We have received 1,500 job applications so far and have employed some people. Efforts are ongoing to resolve the unemployment issue.”

However, economic experts argue that the Taliban lack a comprehensive plan to improve the economic conditions of the country’s citizens.

Sayed Masood, a university professor, stated, “Poverty and unemployment are issues not only in Kandahar but throughout Afghanistan. There are no development-focused programs to alleviate these problems under the current government.”

The United Nations reported on April 18 that since the Taliban’s return to power, the number of Afghans living below the poverty line has doubled, reaching 34 million.