G7 sends letter to UN, urges inclusion of women, civil society in Doha meeting: Sources

Two sources told Amu that the G7 countries have signed a joint letter to the United Nations, urging the inclusion of women and civil society in the upcoming Doha meeting.

According to the sources, the letter also addresses the appointment of a new U.N. special envoy for Afghanistan, requesting updates on progress in this area.

Additionally, the G7 nations questioned the agenda of the Doha meeting, arguing that it appears to be “entirely tailored to the Taliban’s interests” and querying why human rights, particularly the rights of women and minorities, are not included, sources said.

In response to the letter, steps have been taken to organize a remote meeting and a session on July 2 between special envoys and Afghan civil society representatives, according to the sources.

A senior diplomatic source and a high-ranking official from the former Afghan government, both familiar with the letter’s content, confirmed this information to Amu.

However, it remains unclear whether the G7 countries consider the recent U.N. measures to include women and civil society in the Doha talks sufficient.