Taliban reports significant revenue from Afghanistan’s airspace overflights

Flydubai airliner at Kabul Airport, Nov. 14, 2023.

KABUL — The Taliban-run Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has announced that 100 to 120 airplanes pass through Afghanistan’s airspace each day, generating significant revenue for their administration.

According to the ministry, each airplane that flies over Afghanistan pays a transit fee of $700. This means that with 120 flights per day, the Taliban could earn up to $48,000 daily from airspace transit fees.

These figures contrast with those from the previous Afghan government’s Civil Aviation Authority, which reported in 2020 that 400 airplanes passed through Afghan airspace daily, totaling $280,000 every day.

In August 2023, the Taliban reported that over 25,000 flights had crossed Afghan airspace in a year, generating eight billion Afghanis in revenue.