People ‘frustrated’ by Taliban’s restrictions during Eid

Residents of various provinces on Tuesday voiced their frustration over the Taliban’s restrictions during Eid al-Adha days.

They reported that the Taliban has prohibited visits to parks and other recreational areas, significantly impacting their holiday celebrations.

Many residents expressed disappointment that they were not allowed to visit national parks such as Band-e Amir with their families. Additionally, some reported that the Taliban prevented them from broadcasting music to celebrate Eid.

A source disclosed that the Taliban-run Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority instructed telecommunication companies to suspend internet services during the initial hours of the first day of Eid. This year’s Eid al-Adha marks the sixth Eid under severe restrictions in Afghanistan since the Taliban’s return to power.

Residents from Baghlan and other northern provinces reported experiencing internet suspensions until mid-Tuesday. The telecommunication companies were directed to suspend services during Eid prayers and other events throughout the holiday period, according to the source.

Despite repeated attempts to contact the Afghanistan Telecom Regulatory Authority (ATRA) and the Taliban-run Ministry of Information and Technology, Amu News received no response for comments.

In addition to internet restrictions, sources indicated that the Taliban prevented citizens in some provinces from playing music in their vehicles. “Unfortunately, this year’s Eid in Kunduz was not prosperous, both economically and socially. People were worried, and our youths and children were harassed due to the broadcasting of music,” said Karima, a resident of Kunduz.

Women in Kabul reported being restricted to visiting relatives’ houses and were not permitted to go to parks or other entertainment areas. “We are facing a lot of restrictions. We cannot go out. The parks are closed, and we cannot move freely outside the home,” said one Kabul resident.

Despite these restrictions, the Taliban claimed to have ensured security during the first two days of Eid, with no reported security incidents.