Taliban publicly flogs 11 in Kandahar

File photo from a public flogging incident in the central Parwan province. 2022.

Taliban publicly flogged 11 individuals in Kandahar, accusing them of sodomy, adultery, and theft.

In a statement, the Taliban-run Supreme Court reported that two of the accused received 25 lashes each and were sentenced to one year in prison. Three others were given 30 lashes and also sentenced to one year in prison.

The statement further detailed that four individuals received 25 lashes and were sentenced to two years in prison, while three others were sentenced to three years in prison and given 30 lashes each.

During nearly three years of Taliban rule, hundreds have been publicly flogged for various offenses.

In the past 10 days alone, nearly 100 people have been publicly flogged across different provinces by the Taliban.

Human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and the United Nations, have condemned these actions, labeling them as violations of human rights standards.