Doha meeting an opportunity to boost humanitarian aid for Afghanistan, Qatari official says

BRUSSELS — Faisal bin Abdullah Al Henzab, the special envoy of Qatar foreign ministry, said on Tuesday that the upcoming meeting in Doha will serve as a significant opportunity to bolster humanitarian programs and initiatives aiding Afghanistan.

He made the remarks during a gathering of senior officials on Afghanistan held at the European Union headquarters.

Al Henzab emphasized Qatar’s commitment to ongoing efforts through the hosting of meetings of special envoys for Afghanistan, convened at the request of the United Nations Secretary-General.

He highlighted the Doha platform as a critical venue for advancing humanitarian initiatives aimed at providing aid, meeting basic needs, and enhancing the economic and social conditions for all Afghans.

“Qatar has consistently supported the aspirations of the Afghan people for security and stability,” Al Henzab stated, referencing the nation’s mediation efforts that led to the signing of the Doha Peace Agreement in February 2020.

The Doha meeting is scheduled for June 30.

Key topics expected to be discussed include the appointment of a special envoy by the UN Secretary-General for Afghanistan, as well as issues surrounding education and employment for women and girls.

Taliban has not yet officially confirmed their participation in the upcoming meeting. They previously boycotted the first and second Doha meetings due to discussions on women’s rights and human rights issues in Afghanistan.