Traffic Accidents Increase in Herat in Last Two Months

Officials in Herat said that traffic accidents have increased in the province in the last two months, blaming the carelessness of drivers and teenagers who attempt to drive in the western Afghan city.

The head of the Herat traffic department, Zabihullah Akbari, said that underage drivers and those who do not follow the rules are the main reason behind the incidents. He added that according to their assessment, most of those driving in the city don’t have driving licenses.

Information by officials from Herat zonal hospital shows that 835 people were injured in traffic accidents in the last two months.

The officials said that 14 people were killed in traffic accidents in Herat during the solar month of Saur (April 21 to May 21).

Providing details, Arif Jalali, chief of medicine at Herat Zonal Hospital, said that 270 children, 650 men and 591 women are among the wounded.

He added that 631 people were wounded in Hamal month of the current solar year (March 21 to April 21). Most of the wounded are children, he said.

Herat residents said that there are many drivers who are underage and that the traffic department needs to stop this.