Pakistan, Taliban border forces agree on ceasefire

Pakistani and Taliban border forces have agreed on a ceasefire following a consultative meeting with tribal elders on Saturday evening, according to Anwar Siddiqui, a tribal elder in Paktia.

The clashes between the two sides had continued for five days in parts of Paktia province in eastern Afghanistan.

The clashes happened in Zazi Aryub and Dand-e-Patan districts of Paktia province.

According to Siddiqui, the two sides agreed on three points: a ceasefire and halt to hostilities, the reopening of the border crossing between the two countries, and the organization of another consultative meeting to form a 40-member committee of tribal elders from Afghanistan and Pakistan to resolve such issues in the future.

During the recent border clashes, the Kurram border crossing, one of the most important crossings between Afghanistan and Pakistan, was closed.