Iran’s non-oil exports to Afghanistan surge to $1.8 billion

TEHRAN, Iran — Iran’s non-oil exports to Afghanistan reached $1.871 billion in the last solar year, marking a 13.6% increase from the previous year, according to Iranian media reports.

Hossein Roustaei, Iran’s commercial attaché in Afghanistan, reported that the exports also saw a 28% increase in weight, totaling 3,414 tons. “The value of Iran’s non-oil exports to Afghanistan increased by $224 million in the past twelve months,” Roustaei said on Sunday.

This growth ends a four-year decline, with Iran adding 1,000 new items to its export list to Afghanistan. Afghan exports to Iran also grew significantly, increasing in value by 45% to $43 million, and doubling in weight.

The Iranian Trade Development Organization attributed the boost in trade to several factors including increased trade delegations, improved border facilitation, extended customs hours, and the holding of economic commissions and trade conferences in cities such as Kabul, Herat, Tehran, and Mashhad. Additionally, an exclusive exhibition of Iranian export capabilities in Herat and over 50 exhibition delegations contributed to these figures.

Iranian Customs Administration data shows Afghanistan as the seventh leading destination for Iranian exports, and Iran recorded its highest positive trade balance with Afghanistan during this period.