At least 60 dead in Afghanistan due to snow, rain amid cold wave

In the last three weeks, at least 60 people have died across Afghanistan as a result of heavy rain and snowfalls, according to preliminary findings from the Taliban-run National Disaster Management Authority.

Janan Sayiq, a spokesman for the authority, shared in a social media video on Wednesday that an additional 23 individuals have been injured.

He reported that 1,645 homes have been destroyed and more than 177,000 animals have perished from Feb. 20 to March 13.

Furthermore, Sayiq mentioned that over 22,000 households have received support from the authority with the aid of humanitarian organizations over the past three weeks.

The heavy snowfalls have led to the blockade of the Salang Pass once again, a crucial route that links Kabul with the northern provinces.

While the authority has not specified casualty numbers for each province, sources indicate that at least 10 people died due to heavy rain and roof collapses in the western province of Herat on Monday.

Additionally, numerous houses have been either destroyed or damaged due to flash floods triggered by the heavy rainfall.