Kabul woman dies 5 months after being freed from 25-year imprisonment by brother

A woman, Nikbakht, who was confined for 25 years in a dark room in Kabul by her brother, died Monday, five months after her rescue by Taliban forces.

Nikbakht’s dire situation came to an end when concerned neighbors in Kabul’s District 10 notified Taliban authorities in September last year, leading to her liberation.

She was immediately given medical care for malnutrition and anemia after her rescue, spending a month in the hospital to recover from the extensive impact of her long-term confinement.

Khalid Zadran, a spokesman for the Taliban’s security command in Kabul, reported on Tuesday that following her hospital stay, Nikbakht was moved to a secure facility once her condition had sufficiently improved.

Despite receiving medical treatment, her health declined on Sunday, resulting in her death early Monday morning, according to Zadran.

He also noted that Nikbakht was buried on Monday, in accordance with Islamic funeral rites.

Following her rescue, the Taliban detained four of Nikbakht’s family members, including her brother, on allegations of imprisonment, mistreatment, and neglect, highlighting the severe abuse and neglect she endured within her own family.