Doha meeting begins with closed-door consultations on Afghanistan

DOHA, Qatar – Discussions among special envoys started on Sunday in the two-day Doha meeting on Afghanistan, hosted by the United Nations.

On the first day, special envoys and groups from Afghanistan, including representatives of women and civil society, are scheduled to meet.

The Taliban were invited to the meeting but declined to participate, citing unmet conditions.

Special representatives from various countries commenced closed-door consultations on Afghanistan on the first day of the Doha meeting.

The primary focus of these discussions is to establish a general consensus between regional countries and Western nations regarding Afghanistan.

Following this, the representatives aim to develop a political roadmap for the country’s future. These are the key areas of deliberation for the special representatives gathered in Doha.

Special representatives from at least 25 countries have participated in the meeting. Four members, including Shah Gul Rezaee, Mahbouba Seraj, Mitra Mehran and Lotfullah Najafizada represent Afghanistan’s civil society.