Young man from Panjshir ‘tortured, killed’ by Taliban, say sources

A young man from Anaba district in Panjshir Province, identified as Ahmad Rishad, was “tortured and killed” by the Taliban after being taken into custody, sources revealed on Wednesday.

According to a source speaking to Amu, Rishad left home two days prior, and his family received a call on Monday night, Feb. 12, informing them of his death.

Rishad’s body was later discovered “in a bag at the Forensic Medicine Department” in Kabul following a search. Signs of torture were evident, with his hands positioned straight, the source noted.

The motive behind Rishad’s murder remains unclear. It was also reported that his home was searched following the incident.

The Taliban have not yet commented on the matter.

A 2022 UN report found instances of human rights violations by the Taliban in Panjshir, including civilian killings. The Taliban have denied these allegations.