Baghlan Sugar Factory resumes operations after years of inactivity

The Baghlan Sugar Factory, located in the north of Afghanistan, resumed operations on Saturday, creating jobs for hundreds of people after years of inactivity.

The factory, which last operated in 2013, initially had a capacity to produce 50,000 kilograms of sugar daily. However, it ceased operations in recent years due to various challenges.

According to Taliban officials, the factory restarted on Jan. 27 and is expected to produce 56,000 kilograms of sugar per day.

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid stated that the factory’s reopening will provide jobs for 1,050 individuals. The factory primarily sources its beet for sugar production from Baghlan province.

Initially operational in 1936, the Baghlan Sugar Factory ceased its operations in 1991 due to a lack of raw materials and the cultivation of beets, as well as ongoing conflicts. It briefly resumed activities in 2013 after being handed over to the government from the private sector in 2012, but was shut down again after a few years for similar reasons.