Over 800 Afghan immigrants return from Iran in a single day

Islam Qala border town, Herat. File photo.

On Monday, Dec. 18, a total of 809 Afghan immigrants returned to Afghanistan from Iran via the Islam Qala border, as reported by the Taliban-run Ministry of Refugees.

The ministry’s statement noted that the group comprised both deportees and voluntary returnees.

Out of these individuals, 306 were identified as needing assistance and were referred to the International Organization for Migration for support.

The influx of returnees from Iran has been a consistent trend over recent weeks. According to the Ministry of Refugees, 387 Afghan migrants crossed into Afghanistan through the Islam Qala border on Dec. 17, with 165 of them identified as needy.

Additionally, on Dec. 16, the border saw the entry of 787 Afghan immigrants.

Concurrently, Pakistan has been actively deporting Afghan immigrants for the past two months, contributing to the rising number of returnees.