Pakistan expels over 1,500 Afghan migrants in a day amid ongoing deportation drive

Pakistani authorities deported 1,586 undocumented Afghan migrants on Monday, Dec. 18, continuing Islamabad’s crackdown on undocumented immigration, according to Pakistani media reports.

The number marks a slight decrease from the over 1,600 migrants deported the previous day.

These migrants re-entered Afghanistan through the Torkham and Spin Boldak border towns.

However, the Taliban-led Ministry of Refugees in Afghanistan reported that 813 migrants were repatriated to Afghanistan on Monday.

The ministry detailed that 89 families, totaling 453 individuals, returned through the Torkham border, while 60 families, comprising 310 individuals, crossed back through the Spin Boldak border in Kandahar.

Pakistani media sources indicate that since the beginning of November, a total of 438,376 undocumented Afghans have been repatriated to Afghanistan.