At least 2,600 migrants repatriated to Afghanistan in 24 hours

In the continuous deportation of undocumented Afghan migrants from Pakistan, Pakistani media reported that at least 2,600 individuals were repatriated to Afghanistan on Saturday, December 2.

The repatriation efforts comprised 315 families, encompassing 2,597 individuals, as outlined in reports from Pakistani media outlets.

Among those repatriated were 1,087 children and 678 women.

According to statistics provided by Pakistani media, the cumulative number of undocumented Afghan immigrants deported from Pakistan stands at 404,909.

On Friday, December 1, neither the Pakistani authorities nor the Taliban released any official statistics regarding the returned migrants.

However, the Ministry of Migration under the Taliban’s administration reported that over the past two days, returning migrants in various provinces, including Maidan Wardak, Sarpol, Jawzjan, and Samangan, received financial aid and food assistance.