Mystery surrounds death of media activist Husna Sadat in Kabul

The death of Husna Sadat, a media activist in Kabul and former actor, remains enigmatic nearly two days after the incident, with conflicting accounts complicating efforts to unravel the circumstances surrounding her demise.

Sadat’s family has told a pro-Taliban YouTube Channel that she was facing mental health issues and that she threw herself out of the window on the fourth floor of the building at Saleem Karwan Township in Kabul’s PD10.

According to sources, the Taliban reportedly visited Sadat’s residence following a neighbor’s complaint about hearing music. In what appears to be a state of fear, it is alleged that Husna Sadat threw herself out of her apartment.

Taranum Saeedi, a women’s rights activist, voiced deep concern, stating, “We believe that Mrs. Husna Sadat is one of the dozens, even hundreds, of painful victims of the oppressive, self-proclaimed, anti-women, and perpetually terrifying rule in Afghanistan.”

Saeedi urged both domestic and international human rights organizations not to overlook such “tragic cases” and to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice.

In contrast, a spokesman for the Taliban’s police command in Kabul rejected these accounts, asserting that preliminary forensic examinations indicate Sadat and her husband were in an “intoxicated” state.

“The preliminary results of forensic medicine examinations show that Mrs. Sadat and her husband were in an intoxicated state. Police investigations are ongoing, and one person has been detained in connection with this event,” the spokesman stated.

However, human rights defenders dispute the Taliban’s claims, characterizing the situation as both questionable and mysterious.

Samiallah Azizi, a human rights defender, emphasized that Sadat’s case is not isolated and underscores broader concerns.

“Husna Sadat’s murder has two aspects; it is both questionable and mysterious. Sadat’s murder is not the first and will not be the last,” Aziz added.

Women’s rights organizations are criticizing the Taliban’s policies towards women and are calling for a comprehensive investigation into Husna Sadat’s death.

Sadat had been actively involved in local media and cinematic activities, making her a notable figure in the community.