1,493 migrants repatriated to Afghanistan in last 24 hours

Figures released by Pakistani authorities indicate that 1,493 migrants were deported to Afghanistan on Monday, Nov. 27, showing a notable decrease compared to the previous days’ deportations.

This marks a significant drop in the return of migrants from Pakistan for the second consecutive day, as daily deportations typically ranged between 2,500 to 3,000 individuals before this decline.

The migrants entered the country through the Torkham and Chaman border crossings, located in Nangarhar and Kandahar provinces, respectively.

Pakistani media reports indicate that a total of 256,268 undocumented migrants have been repatriated to Afghanistan over the past 27 days.

UN statistics reveal that since mid-September, at least 400,000 Afghan migrants have been repatriated to the country.