Over 3,700 Afghan migrants return from Iran, Pakistan in 24 hours

Figures released by the Taliban’s Ministry of Refugees and Pakistani authorities indicate that a substantial number of Afghan migrants, at least 3,700, returned to Afghanistan from Iran and Pakistan on Sunday, Nov. 26.

Pakistani media documented the deportation of 1,640 undocumented Afghan immigrants on Sunday, marking a noteworthy decline from the figures reported on Nov. 25 when 2,100 Afghan immigrants were deported from Pakistan.

The Taliban’s Ministry of Refugees and Returnees reported on X that 2,067 migrants entered Afghanistan from Iran through the Islam Qala port on Sunday. Among them, 357 were directed to the International Organization for Migration office to receive assistance.

According to the ministry, these repatriation numbers reflect the ongoing challenges faced by Afghan migrants. Pakistani media statistics reveal that in the past 26 days, 254,775 Afghan refugees have been deported from Pakistan.

United Nations statistics further emphasize the magnitude of the situation, indicating that nearly 400,000 Afghan refugees have been deported from Pakistan since mid-September of this year. The ongoing repatriation efforts underscore the complex dynamics and pressing humanitarian concerns surrounding the Afghan migrant crisis.