Taliban delegation visits Pakistan amid ongoing deportation of Afghan migrants

Concurrent with the continued forced deportation of undocumented Afghan immigrants from Pakistan, a Taliban delegation led by Nooruddin Azizi, the acting minister of industry and trade for the Taliban government, traveled to Islamabad on Monday.

Taliban said in a statement that the delegation would participate in a trilateral meeting with officials from Uzbekistan and Pakistan in Islamabad.

The Taliban delegation comprises representatives from the ministries of foreign affairs, finance, and transportation.

This trip occurs as the Pakistani government has been deporting undocumented Afghan immigrants for the past 13 days. According to United Nations statistics, more than 287,000 Afghan refugees have returned to their country from Pakistan.

Upon their return, the refugees are resettled in temporary camps at the Torkham and Spin Boldak border crossings in Nangarhar and Kandahar provinces, respectively, as well as a new camp in Kabul, before undergoing relevant processes.

For many families deported from Pakistan, who have spent decades in the neighboring country, the return to Afghanistan presents the challenge of finding suitable living arrangements.